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The more I think about it, the more I would pick my apocalypse survival team to be nothing more than 1980s-1990s PBS hosts. (You know—assuming they were alive or resurrected at the time.)

So many apocalyptic shows/games are about people sitting around and squabbling over supplies, then dying. That’s a shitty way to live, even in shitty circumstances. You know that Mister Rogers would be diffusing arguments left and right to the point where people would feel bad just for raising their voice. Carl Sagan would keep everyone’s hopes up just by suggesting there are more decent people out there—aliens too, but more people. LeVar Burton would keep the kids educated and motivated in the worst of times, Julia Child would make the best food she could out of limited rations, and Bob Ross would make an excellent scout, given his good eye.

And if anyone still was a son of a bitch, Julia would snap his shotgun in half, stuff that turkey with the shattered remains of his gun and give him a little “seasoning”, and have Bob bury that offender’s corpse under some happy little trees.

You couldn’t bring the McLaughlin group along, though. Their constant bickering would just alert the horde and get everyone killed.

Don’t forget Bob Vila!  He could build you a good shelter.

Filed under seems legit true story: as a very small child I developed a fixation on bob vila (and willie nelson but that's another story) my parents discovered this by chance one afternoon while flipping channels legend has it when they got to pbs I lept to my wobbly little feet and waved my arms around shouting 'bob via! bob via!' with delight and every sunday after that for like the next three years was my bob vila time and woe to any poor bastard who tried to touch the remote q

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i can only assume Jeff Davis had no idea how badly we wanted this, otherwise it never would have happened on the show

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So I’m reading about the Franklin ship discovery, and I come across the part where they’re trying to decide which of his two ships this one might be. The options are HMS Terror and HMS Erebus.

Dude literally sailed into the Arctic on ‘terror’ and ‘darkness’ and thought that would end well.

Filed under history archaeology sir john franklin admittedly I am not well versed in my canadian maritime history and this is probably the tiredest observation in the book to those that are but it's new to me okay